Salted Caramel Apple Crisp Bars

Baking date: November 12, 2014

I have some former co-workers that I try to catch up with monthly. We have what we call “alphabet” lunches. We pick a place beginning with whatever letter we are up to, meet up for lunch, and catch up on the personal and professional goings on with one another. My friends still work at the same place; I’ve moved on.

We work in downtown DC, so there are plenty of venues for us to choose from. When we meet, I try to make some goodies for each of them.

This time we were up to letter “F”, and we had lunch at Fado Irish Pub. We had a great “bar food” lunch.

I brought treats – salted caramel apple crisp bars. I got the idea from a box of special cake mix – Pillsbury Caramel Apple. This is a seasonal mix, which is only available August – January. I also bought a can of the caramel apple frosting mix.

I had already used the mix to make cupcakes, but I saw that there was another recipe on the box for salted caramel apple crisp bars. The recipe is fairly straightforward and didn’t take long to make.

Salted caramel apple crisp bars

Salted caramel apple crisp bars

My friend Jennifer tried one before we left the restaurant and gave it a definite thumbs up. My friend Reid’s wife let me know that none of the goodies made it home:

Oh Reid, should have saved some for the family!

Oh Reid — should have saved some for the family!

Next time, I guess I’ll make enough for other former co-workers back at the office AND for them to take home to their families.


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