Spider Web Cupcakes and Candy Corn Cookies

Baking date: October 31, 2014

This year, my older son’s football team made it to the playoff round on the way to a possible Super Bowl game for the youth league he plays in.

The first round of playoffs was November 1, so I decided to make Halloween-themed treats for the players, coaches, and family/fans in attendance.

I started with the candy corn cookies.  These are a time-intensive sugar cookie, but so cute. The recipe also makes quite a few cookies, although they are small.

A note about the recipe … I’m thinking 7-10 minutes might be a little long if you cut your slices thin. Why, you ask? Well, here’s why:

7-10 minutes = blackened candy corn sugar cookies

7-10 minutes = blackened candy corn sugar cookies

I then baked the next batch for 7 minutes and they came out just fine:

Much better

Much better

Kids and adults alike enjoy this recipe. And as I mentioned, you get a lot of cookies from it.

I also made cupcakes for the players and the coaches. I used a cake mix by Duff Goldman called Blue Suede. I agree with some of the Amazon.com comments that it isn’t royal blue like the packaging, but more like Tiffany blue. I purchased it at my local grocery store (Giant Food). There is a small food color packet inside, and it has a hint of blueberry flavor. I also have a blue velvet recipe I have used before.

I added vanilla frosting on top, dyed golden yellow. I then drew circles on top with blue sparkle gel frosting. Using a toothpick, I made the spider web design so that the cupcakes were the team colors, but with a Halloween theme. I started running out of the blue sparkle gel, so the last 12 cupcakes just had blue dots on them.

Yellow gold and blue spider web cupcakes

Yellow gold and blue spider web cupcakes

Here are the cupcakes and the cookies:


The boys won their game, and moved on to the semi-final game on November 8.  More to come on that game soon!


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