Royal Blue Velvet Cupcakes and Blue & Gold M&M Cookies

Baking date: November 14, 2014

It was one of those games for the record books. In nearly four quarters of play, neither team had scored in this Super Bowl game. Both teams’ defense had really stepped up and made stops when it counted.

In the last 22 seconds of the fourth quarter, the Walkersville Lions scored a touch down, and made the field goal extra points (you get two points for kicked extra points at this age). We were up 8 – 0.  Elation!

On the ensuing kick off, our opponent ran the ball back for a touch down and made the field goal extra point.

In OT, we weren’t able to score, but our opponent was able to put a field goal through. Our boys’ Super Bowl dreams were dashed. There were lots of tears all around, because this was the second time this group of boys made it to the Super Bowl, only to lose in the final seconds of the game. Two years ago the same thing happened, and we lost 12-6.

I knew going in it would be a close game. It had been when we played them in the regular season. A win would be amazing, and a loss would be tough. But it wasn’t our day; the other team was just a bit better.

And it’s hard to console 11, 12, and 13 year old boys with cupcakes. While I had made them with the hope that we would be celebrating a win, it turned out I was thanking them for a great season and telling them how proud I was of them, regardless of the final score.

I made royal blue velvet cupcakes, since our team colors are royal blue and yellow gold. I used football themed cupcake liners. I then topped the cupcakes with icing dyed golden yellow, in a swirl pattern.  I added royal blue candy melts in the shapes of their numbers on one side, and a lion paw shaped candy melts in royal blue and white on the other side. For the coaches, instead of numbers, I added a candy melt letter for their last name.

Here are the player and coach cupcakes:

I also decorated the extra cupcakes:


Extra cupcakes with lion paws and blue sugar sprinkles


Lion paws

And for the rest of the fans and cheerleaders, I made blue & gold M&M cookies again.


While this wasn’t our year, one of our players said it best when the boys turned in their uniforms the Monday after the game…

“Third time’s the charm, right?”



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