Football-themed Cakes and Cupcakes

Baking date: November 21, 2014

On occasion, I will make goodies for folks who tell me they would like to commission me for my efforts. One of the coaches of the mini-pony team in our football program reached out to me to ask if I could make something special for the team’s end-of-season party, where they would be expecting 75 people. They would pay me for my work.

Bakers Note: Here’s my very simple method for how I charge for things like this: I tell people how much materials cost me. I then estimate how long it will take and ask them to cover the cost of materials, and make the final payment the cost of materials plus whatever they feel is fair for my time.


The reason I use this method for determining payment is because: 1) I do this because I believe it allows me to embrace the artistic part of me, 2) I find the baking and decorating very relaxing, taking my mind away from any concerns or problems (priceless!), and 3) the looks on people’s faces when they see the creations and are so grateful.


My creations are not perfect. I’ve never taken a course in cake decorating, so I’m not officially trained. These are also reasons I don’t set fees, like professional bakers, who can make upwards of $150 for some creations. Also, this isn’t my JOB. If it was, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much. That being said, I’ve sometimes only been paid for materials, and that’s ok with me. A big part of why I do this is for me, and like I mentioned before, the peace of mind is priceless!

Given that the party was going to be so big, I made 48 cupcakes and two cakes — one in the shape of a football helmet, and one in the shape of a football. Yes, I have pans for both!

I decided to make personalized cupcakes for the players and coaches. The cupcakes were made from Pillsbury Funfetti Aqua cupcake mix. Since the team colors are royal blue and gold, this was a great start. I used football themed cupcake liners. The cupcakes were iced with vanilla dyed golden yellow, in a swirl pattern. The player cupcakes were topped with a star-shaped candy melt in royal blue candy melts, and the number piped on in golden yellow icing.  The coach cupcakes were iced with vanilla dyed golden yellow, and a football shaped milk chocolate candy melt. The coach’s last name was piped on in golden yellow icing, and the seams of the football were added using white sparkle gel frosting. The extra cupcakes were decorated with the yellow gold icing and blue sparkle gel frosting.

Here are the cupcakes:

The football helmet cake was a butter cake. I used a star tip to decorate with the yellow gold icing. I had tried to get royal blue icing dye but the store was out, so I used a pre-prepared icing. This was also piped on with a star tip. The white in between the helmet face guard is white sparkle gel frosting. The bottom edge of the cake had vanilla frosting, piped on with a star tip.

The football cake was a chocolate fudge cake, iced using classic chocolate frosting. Depending on how light or dark brown you want your football, there are a variety of chocolate frostings to choose from: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, classic chocolate, etc. I spread on the chocolate frosting all over the cake. For the white seams, I used varying sizes of tips and vanilla frosting: #47 for the short seams, #7 for the long seams under the short seams, and a #225 for the thicker stripes at either end of the football.

I used letter candy molds to spell out GVAA (Glade Valley Athletic Association) LIONS and on the other side MINI PONY in yellow candy melts. Around the base, I piped on vanilla icing with a star tip, and added a royal blue sparkle gel dot on each burst. Here’s the football:

I hope the mini pony team had an awesome party!


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