Apple Pie Cookies and Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Baking date: December 12 and 13, 2014

Each year, I make goodies for the people I work with. Last year, I made an apple pie cookie and it got rave reviews. In fact, I had one co-worker beg me to bring those cookies again.

The nice thing about that recipe is that it makes a boatload of cookies. I use a small cookie scoop (slightly bigger than a tablespoon) to form the drop cookie. So if you need something that makes a big batch, this is the recipe. I will say this is a labor intensive recipe, so it will take some time to prepare the cookie in its three phases – preparing the apple mix, cookie batter, and browned butter frosting. The one thing I add to this recipe is a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar mix once the brown butter icing has been put on the cookies.

This is the batch of cookies in my container that I took to work. There were none left by the end of the day:

Apple Pie cookies

I also made cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas stockings and winter mittens. The sugar cookie recipe is one that I found in Food Network magazine. Baker’s note: you definitely need to follow the instructions for chilling the cut out cookies before baking them. When you don’t (I forgot with the second batch I put in the oven), they tend to get a bit crispy and overly brown on the edges:

Crispy Mitten

Crispy Mitten

For the stocking-shaped cookies, I used left over red and green icing from the Christmas tree cake I had made. I used white royal frosting for the top of the stockings and added Christmas-themed sprinkles to decorate the cookies:

IMG_9076 IMG_9079 IMG_9075

Finally, I made winter mittens in white, neon blue, and violet, since not everyone in the office celebrates Christmas. This was my first attempt at royal icing. Now that I’ve tried it, I love royal icing. But it certainly takes forever, the more creative you are trying to be with your decorating.

As you can see, no two mittens are decorated the same:

IMG_9081 IMG_9080

These were gone by the end of the day as well. I placed all the cookies by the community copier/printer and let people know where they could find them. I also delivered some to people in other departments I work with on a regular basis.

It’s just a small way I can say thanks for all the hard work and great camaraderie throughout the year.


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