Santa Hat Cupcakes

Baking date: December 29, 2014

In an effort to use up a large portion of the red icing I had leftover from the holiday goodies I had baked, I decided to make cupcakes for my son Alex’s basketball team. They were playing a holiday tournament this past weekend.

I used french vanilla cake mix for the cupcakes. I iced a bit of the red in the middle of each cupcake. I then piped white around the edge of the cupcake using a #12 tip. I added white sparkling sugars on the white edge.

Then I added red icing, piped on using a #22 tip to form a peak. On the red, I added red sparkling sugars (found around the holidays). On the top of the peak, I added white frosting using a #74 tip.

This is how the cupcakes turned out:

They looked great! Won’t the kids love them! I’m a genius for cleverly figuring out how to use up all the extra red frosting!

However, when I arrived at the basketball game, many of the cupcakes had fallen over in the container and both trays were a mess. This is what they looked like after I righted them:

Guess I took a turn too fast

Guess I took a turn too fast

But you know what? The kids didn’t care; they loved the way they tasted. The parents were thankful for the treat after the boys won the championship game in the tournament that night.

So it was winners all around.



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