Chocolate Kahlua Cake and Orange Dreamsicle Bread

Baking date: December 31, 2014

We attended a New Year’s gathering at my friend Rebecca’s house. It was a small party, so I only made three desserts.

For the kids, I made Rolo-stuffed snickerdoodles. I’ve made this recipe so many times and it is a fan favorite with the kids. I use mini-Rolos; regular size Rolos produce a HUGE cookie.

I also made Orange Dreamsicle bread. I had made this for Christmas in mini-bread format as part of my goodie baskets, and decided to make it in the recipe-recommended 8″x4″ loaf pans. A few notes about this recipe:

  • I have found that both times I made this recipe, I have more than enough of the cream cheese filling and don’t end up using it all.
  • The filling can be swirled around, but the batter is not very thick, so it tends to mix itself if you pour it around the pan instead of in just one spot.

Here’s how it turned out:


Finally, I made a liquor-infused goodie. It was Chocolate Kahlua Cake. A few notes about this recipe:

  • The chocolate chips in the batter may give the false impression of the cake not being done if you use a cake tester. Be sure it’s cake batter and not a melted chocolate chip on the tester.
  • When I pulled this out of the oven, the cake really condensed once it began to cool. Don’t freak if it starts to lose some height.
  • I used Pam baking spray with flour, and the cake slipped out of the pan very easily.
  • When I pulled the cake out of the oven, I brushed Kahlua on the base of the cake so it would soak into the warm cake. When I took it out of the pan and before I dusted it with powdered sugar, I brushed Kahlua on the top. Again, this was to get it to soak into the cake while it was still a bit warm and in case any of the Kahlua in the batter had baked off during the cooking phase.

Here’s how the cake turned out:


Chocolate Kahlua cake

The cake is rich and dense, and it was another winner!

Hope your New Year was spent enjoying time with family and/or good friends, as well as good eats!


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