St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Baking date: March 15, 2015

Hello readers! Sorry for my absence. It’s not that I haven’t been baking (although, I didn’t do much in the month of April), it’s that I spilled a full cup of coffee all over my brand new laptop computer. That’s where the pictures were stored for St. Patrick’s Day and a get well cake. It took Geek Squad over a month to repair the computer, which didn’t cost me anything since I had purchased the additional “act of owner stupidity insurance coverage”.

So, now that my computer is back, I am too. First up are the treats I made for St. Patrick’s Day for my current co-workers. I was inspired by these St. Patrick’s Day cookies:

My first course of action was to find a shamrock cookie cutter. I must have over 100 cookie cutters — but not a shamrock in the bunch. A friend loaned me hers, which happens to be the same one that my mom also has had for years:

The old fashioned style shamrock cookie cutter

The old fashioned style shamrock cookie cutter

In a panic, I drove all over my town to find a more modern shaped shamrock cookie cutter. I visited three stores before finding exactly what I wanted at Michael’s.

For the gingham cookies, I started with a shortbread base cookie. I used my new cookie cutter for these cookies. I used royal frosting in white to cover the cookies. Using the grid I made out of cut strips of paper and tape (not very sophisticated, I know), I used Wilton Color Mist Spray in green to get the pattern. In hindsight, the pattern didn’t need to be so detailed – fewer lines in the check pattern would have been fine!

A few notes about the Color Mist Spray as it was my first time using it. Spraying too close results in splotches when you are working with a pattern. And before you spray over one design, make sure the first layer has dried:

Oops. Too close.

Oops. Too close. And too quick.

It was messy:

But the end result was some nice looking (but not as perfect as the inspiration photo) shamrock cookies.

The next cookie was a sugar cookie base. I dyed the dough green and used my friend’s shamrock cookie cutter she loaned me. I followed the instructions for cutting out a hole in the center of the cookies before baking. Once the cookies had baked and cooled, I used the left over royal icing in between the two cookies sandwiched together. I then added colored jimmies in the cut out.  To maximize the number of cookies, I also baked some with the colored jimmies on top, but did not do the cut out or make sandwiches out of them.

Here’s how mine turned out:

Here’s a collection of everything I made:

Gingham shamrocks, shamrock sandwich cookies, and banana bread

Gingham shamrocks, shamrock sandwich cookies, shamrock cookies with sprinkles, and banana bread 

I was also meeting some former colleagues for lunch that day, so I took them a goodie box:


A box filled with cookies, Andes mints, and wintergreen lifesavers

Everyone enjoyed the cookies, and my friends were delighted at lunch when I surprised them with the box of goodies.

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day was just as sweet!


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