Mother’s Day Cookies

Baking date: May 8, 2015

For the past 5 years, we have always spent part of our Mother’s Day at a baseball field. Either at a tournament or some type of game. The past two years for Mother’s Day, I’ve made treats for the moms of all the players on my son Alex’s baseball team. Last year it was cupcakes with white rose candy melts, and topped with pink frosting in honor of the two breast cancer survivor moms and one breast cancer survivor grandmother. In 2013, it was chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a white rose candy melt on top. But this year, we didn’t have any games on Mother’s Day – all of our sports (both baseball and lacrosse) were crammed into Saturday.

In late 2014, I discovered how amazing royal icing can be in making specially decorated cookies. Now I try and practice whenever I get a chance. This year, for the Mother’s Day weekend games, I made sugar cookies that were decorated with royal frosting.

I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter. I outlined the cookies with white royal frosting and then flooded them with icing dyed royal blue (team colors are royal blue, gold, and white). I made mini paw-shaped candy melts in royal blue and yellow (I also have this mold in medium), and placed those on the cookie. I used the remaining white royal icing to write MOM and a player’s number on each cookie. Finally, I topped the frosting with mini white sugar pearls.

Here they are:

I had a few extra cookies, so I made a few more mom cookies and gave them to my friend Rebecca (her son is on my son Nick’s lacrosse team) for her, her sister, and her mom.

IMG_3281For those moms who were not able to be at the game that Saturday afternoon, I had placed the cookies in sandwich bags for transportation home.

It was a simple and easy way to honor the mothers of the boys on the team. I’ll be trying another royal frosting cookie for Father’s Day. Can’t wait!


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