Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Baking date: May 16, 2015

I was commissioned to make cupcakes for a bridal shower. The bride-to-be is the daughter of a friend. She is getting married this Summer, with a beach-themed wedding in Emerald Isle, NC. Her colors are pink and mint green.

The bride isn’t a big fan of cake, but her mom said she liked strawberry cake. I went about searching for a good strawberry cupcake recipe on Pinterest, and stumbled upon this Fresh Strawberry cupcakes recipe.

I did a trial run so the bride-to-be could taste the cake and the frosting. Because the cupcake did not taste very strawberryish to me, I added strawberry yogurt and pureed strawberries to the buttercream frosting. But the strawberry puree make the buttercream less easy to pipe on, and the roses I was creating with the 1M tip weren’t as pretty as I would have liked.

I also wanted something to make the cupcakes “beachy”, so I got two different seashell and starfish candy molds. I then searched YouTube for a video on how to create the two-toned shells I had seen on Pinterest. I found a video (courtesy of The Chocolate Belles) that showed me how to do it, that also introduced me to shimmer/pearl dust. I decided I would make the seashell and starfish candy melts in pink and white, and dust them.

Here’s the sample tray. I did leave a few unfrosted, so she could taste the cake by itself to make sure she liked it.


I took pictures of the candies with and without the shimmer/pearl dust. I liked them so much more with the iridescent look of the dust.

The bride liked the cupcakes. I told her I would make them with plain buttercream since adding pureed strawberries wasn’t very attractive.

To make the cupcakes a bit more fancy, I purchased cupcake liners in white with silver hearts. When the cupcakes were baked, you really couldn’t tell what the liners had on them. I had also purchased the white pearl swirl cupcake wrap. I read in the comments that these don’t stay together real well. I personally didn’t experience that, but if you move the cupcakes around a lot, I can definitely see that happening (it occurred when I transferred a few from the carrying case).

Because I didn’t add the strawberries to the buttercream frosting, I decided to add light pink sugar pearls around the top of the iced cupcakes. I used a 1M tip to create the rose pattern. I then dropped on the sugar pearls and added the seashell or starfish candy melt.

Here’s the final product – in total I made close to 70 cupcakes for the party (there was one more tray that I didn’t get a picture of):

I was told the cupcakes were a big hit — lots of compliments on Facebook! The bride-to-be took the extras to school with her the next day. She’s a special needs teacher in a local elementary school. She sent me pictures of one of her kids enjoying the cupcake. I didn’t want to post the picture of the child since I didn’t know him and would need to ask for permission. Trust me when I tell you the smile on his face was all the confirmation I needed that the cupcakes were delicious!

Best of luck to the bride-to-be and her beloved!


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