Cake and Candy Fail

Baking date: May 16, 2015

I was commissioned to make cupcakes for the daughter of a friend. It was for her bridal shower and I was thrilled to make something girly (I have boys, so I rarely get to make girly things!).

In addition to the cupcakes, I wanted to make her family a snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar buttercream frosting. I was trying out a new cake pan (giant cupcake) and had found a recipe for sea glass candy. I planned to decorate the base of the cake with sea glass candy, which would complement the beach theme of her bridal shower/wedding.

Everything worked fine with the cake pan. Until I got to the frosting part. I was using my cake frosting turntable, and was almost done. And then I accidentally hit the tilt button. This is what happens when you accidentally hit the tilt button:


And then this happens when you have two dogs who will eat anything. Mocha and Jake gave this baking fail two paws up.

IMG_3332 IMG_3333In addition to the cake fail, the sea glass candy never set. I’m guessing I didn’t get the sugar/corn syrup/water mixture to the required 300 degrees (note to self: purchase a candy thermometer!). Even after being in the frig overnight to set, this is what happened when I tested it.

Just a reminder…not all my good intentions turn out the way I hope!


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