S’mores Cookies and Cupcakes

Baking date: May 22, 2015

The start of the Memorial Day weekend can only mean one thing. A holiday weekend full of tournament baseball for my son Alex — as long as we win once we get to the elimination round on Sunday, of course.

Our tournament experience began on Friday night at 8:15pm — a game under the lights. The non-Hollywood version of Friday Night Lights:

How we do Friday Night Lights

How we do Friday Night Lights

To kick off the holiday weekend tournament, I went with a campfire favorite — s’mores. I had found a recipe for marshmallow-in-the-middle chocolate cupcakes, and decided to modify it to be more s’morey (is that a word?).

The recipe directions warn this isn’t a pretty cupcake out of the oven (but frosting will cover that). Here’s what the inspiration photo looked like, and what my batch looked like:

While the recipe called for chocolate frosting to cover the messy look, I went a step further after topping the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I dusted graham cracker crumbs on top of the chocolate frosting.

In addition to the modification of adding graham cracker crumbs, I also cut the marshmallows in half to bake them in, and also when I added the second marshmallow on top. Even halved, that was still plenty of marshmallow for the cupcake.

Here’s how my modified version turned out:

IMG_3360 IMG_3361According to the players and coaches, they were delicious.

Since I knew we would have lots of parents and siblings at the game Friday night, I also made s’mores cookies. I also modified this recipe slightly. Instead of using semi-sweet chips, I used milk chocolate chips. And because I didn’t have Hershey bars, I chopped up some Hershey Kisses instead.  Here’s the inspiration photo and my version:

These cookies got rave reviews as well.

So even though we weren’t having traditional s’mores by the campfire, I think the players and their families enjoyed these versions.


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