Wedding Shower Hearts Cake

Baking date: May 30, 2015

At work, I have a few male co-workers who are getting married this year. One is getting married in June, so we decided to have a surprise shower for him during our bi-weekly staff meeting. I was asked to make a cake.

I wanted the cake colors to complement the wedding colors, so I asked my co-workers to covertly find out. After some great spy work, one of our other male colleagues came back with the intel I needed. According to the groom-to-be, the wedding colors are “coral, white, and some Spring shit.”

Some ‘Spring shit?’


Since we couldn’t ask for more info without spoiling the the surprise, I decided on yellow as another color for the cake.

I used a 10 x 2 heart-shaped pan and made two cakes. I then merged the two cakes together, by cutting into a side of one of the cakes. I didn’t frost between the two cakes, and in hind sight, wish I had. I think the cakes would have had less of a tendency to pull apart a bit after they were frosted.


The cakes were box mix French vanilla. The icing was homemade butter cream, and I tinted some of it coral. On top of the cake, I made a basket weave pattern using a #47 tip. I figured out how to do this about a year ago by watching a YouTube video. Around the top edge and bottom edge, I made small bursts in coral frosting.

I added BEST WISHES  TYLER & KAELIN by making candy melt letters in yellow. On the side of the cake, I placed heart-shaped candy melts in yellow. I added “spring” color sugar sprinkles into the candy melt for some additional color.

Side view, showing the heart-shaped candy melts

Side view, showing the heart-shaped candy melts

Top view of cake

Top view of cake

I used a sturdy box with a window to transport the cake to work. I ride the Metro, so it was a challenge. Here’s the cake enjoying a spot on the ride to downtown DC. At least I didn’t have to buy it a separate pass:


Tyler was surprised by the party. And I shared the story of how we slyly pried the wedding colors out of him, which got a hearty laugh from the team.

Wishing Tyler and Kaelin all the best!


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