Snickerdoodle Palooza

Baking date: June 6, 2015

On Sunday, my son Alex has doubleheaders with his baseball team. This week was special because the 8th graders on his team are getting ready to move on to high school. I decided to make something a little special for those three boys.

The theme of the day was snickerdoodles. I started with snickerdoodle donut muffins. This is a variation of a recipe I had found on Pinterest. Here is a photo of the inspiration muffins:

Inspiration Snickerdoodle Donut MuffinsAnd this is how mine turned out:

A container full of snickerdoodle donut muffins

Snickerdoodle donut muffins up close

While these were mostly for the parents and siblings who were at the game, I decided to make a Snickerdoodle cupcake recipe with seven minute frosting from Martha Stewart for the players and coaches. The seven minute frosting took more like double that time to cool off in the bowl while whipping the ingredients. The recipe made more than 24 cupcakes, so even a few of the siblings got one.

This was the inspiration photo:

Inspiration photo from Martha Stewart

Inspiration photo from Martha Stewart

The one modification I made to the recipe was adding a special decoration on top for the three kids on the team who are moving on to high school next year.

So this is my version of the cupcakes:

To create the graduation caps, I used an inspiration photo from Pinterest. They are made from mini-Reese’s cups, a Hershey bar (cut into squares), a royal blue M&M (school colors are royal blue and gold) secured with icing, and icing dyed royal blue. I used a #1 tip to write the names with icing and make the tassels. I added a bit of meringue powder to the icing to get the tassels and names to set.

The inspiration caps used mini-M&Ms, but I couldn’t find them at my store, so I went with regular size M&Ms. You can also use an individually packaged square of chocolate (like Godiva) in place of the cut up Hershey bar. The edges of the cap will be much cleaner if you do that.

The cupcakes were a hit. The 8th graders had smiles on their faces when I called them out to get their special cupcakes (the graduation caps had melted a bit, even in the shade that afternoon). The parents’ of the 8th graders were so appreciative.

It was a small way to mark a big achievement for these boys. And a way for me to try another decorating technique on a group of very eager taste testers!


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