Home Run Cakes for Brooks and Andrew

Baking dates: May 6, 2014 and June 9, 2015

Each year during baseball season, I promise the players on my son Alex’s team that if they hit a home run, I will make them a home run cake. I have made a whole bunch of cakes over the years. Before my son Nick transitioned from baseball to lacrosse, I also made home run cakes for his teammates.

A couple of my favorites have been a grand slam cake, and a lifesaver home run cake for a kid who has allergies to most of the ingredients found in cake.

I’ve even made home run cakes for players who we played with for a few seasons, but left to play on full time travel teams. All of these kids have gone to the same middle school, so we are one big family. One deviation was baseball home run cupcakes, for a former teammate who hit a fence-clearing home run on Cal Ripken Sr., field at The Ripken Experience in Aberdeen, MD.

This year our boys moved up to the “big field”. Our 13 year olds played on a high school size field — our three oldest kids are only in 8th grade. The pitcher’s mound is farther from home plate, and the bases are farther apart. And the outfield fences are much, much farther away.

So, I didn’t end up making any home run cakes for our boys. But another former teammate who played with my son for 4 years and now plays for a full time travel team did hit a home run. So, of course, I had to make him a home run cake.

Just like all the others, I went with his favorite flavor cake (butter) and used decorations in his new team colors black and gold. It was a busy Spring, so it took me almost a month from when he hit the home run to when I was able to make the cake.


He and his family were genuinely surprised:

Facebook thanks

A year before, I had made a home run cake for another former teammate who hit a home run and now plays for this team also.


Congrats on your fence-clearing accomplishments, Brooks and Andrew!

Here’s a look at the boys from the first year they played together in 2010 as All Stars. They won two tournaments that year. Brooks is first row, second from left. Andrew is second row, second from right.

2010 UMCA Champs

Five boys in this picture still play together today. Some have left to play with full time travel teams. One went on to play lacrosse. But all of them attend the same middle school. My son is in the second row, third from left.

Looking back, they were so small. It’s been a pleasure to watch them grow and mature into young men, no matter what team they play on.


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