Watermelon Cupcakes

Baking date: June 10, 2015

A picture of these watermelon cupcakes came through my Pinterest feed and I decided I definitely wanted to try them:

inspiration watermelon-cupcakesI have the perfect built in taste testers, with a baseball team of 13 year old boys, their parents, and siblings.

I did modify the recipe somewhat. First, the idea of a lime cupcake with watermelon frosting did not appeal to me, so I decided to make the cupcake and the icing with watermelon flavored gelatin mix.


I hadn’t paid enough attention to the recipe, and didn’t realize I needed one box of the gelatin mix for the cake and one for the frosting. Whoops. So I went to another store, but they didn’t have the Kool-Aid brand, so I got the Jolly Rancher watermelon flavored mix.

I used the Kool-Aid mix in the cake, and the Jolly Rancher in the icing. I didn’t use all of the Jolly Rancher mix in the icing because it’s pretty strong. I baked the cupcakes in green wrappers.

For the “seeds” I used chocolate jimmies, because I always have those on hand and I didn’t have any mini-chocolate chips. I also just spread the icing on, and didn’t do a fancy swirl application because I was limited on time.

So here’s how mine turned out:

IMG_0071 IMG_0073

A few notes about my version…

  • I’m not sure if canola oil makes the difference, but the cake was so moist. I have a margarita cupcake recipe that also calls for canola oil, and I love the moistness of that cake. Maybe I’ll switch from vegetable oil to canola oil for all my cupcakes. I still add a tablespoon of vanilla to all box cake mixes I use to make the cake taste more home made.
  • The Jolly Rancher gelatin mix is tart and tastes just like a Jolly Rancher. If you like that tart watermelon flavor, definitely use that. If you like the watermelon flavor more sweet, go with the Kool-Aid mix.

While people did like these, the taste bud-challenged Rice boys spit out the icing the minute they took a bite. Neither is a big fan of Jolly Ranchers, so I’m going to attribute it to that.

In the future, I would make it with just one gelatin flavor brand, probably Kool-Aid. I would still only use half the pack of gelatin mix for the icing because it is very sweet.

But it’s definitely a fun cupcake for Summer parties!


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