Father’s Day Baseball Cookies

Baking date: June 19, 2015

The weekend of Father’s Day also happened to be the last weekend for my son Alex’s travel team. They played a tournament in Hershey, PA.

Because I had made a treat for the moms, I wanted to do something nice for the dads as well.

I made one generic cookie so I could get a picture and post it to the Facebook fan page of our baseball league, with Father’s Day wishes:


I used my favorite sugar cookie with royal frosting recipe (a bit time consuming, but yummy). I figured I would make cookies in the shape of a baseball, using royal icing dyed red for the stitches, “DAD”, and each players’ number. I added a royal blue and gold candy melt Lion paw also.


So, just a note about this, as I’m learning to work with royal frosting (this is my third time). I should have used the thicker version of the royal frosting when I dyed it red. I dyed a portion red after I thinned the icing for the flooding. A thicker red may have preventing it from being so runny when I added it to the white “flooding”.

With the extra cookie dough, I made small circles that I had every intention of turning into mini-baseballs. But time was not on my side and I just iced them in white with red dots (much faster!). No matter, the moms and siblings who made the trip for the tournament enjoyed the cookies even though they weren’t baseballs.


Unfortunately, our tournament ended early. Torrential rains on Saturday evening/night forced the tournament organizers to cancel many of the playoff round games. Only the top four seeded teams played. As the #6 seed going into the playoffs, we went home without playing any games on Sunday – bummer way to end the season!

We got notification of the cancellation early Sunday morning, so I sat in the lobby with the cookies and handed them out to the team dads as they came down for breakfast and to check out.

I really like royal icing and plan to continue to use it — and perfect my technique!


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