Heinz Ketchup Cake

Baking date: June 12, 2015

My uncle turns 70 this year. His birthday is in November, but his son — a Marine — has just been assigned to a new tour of duty in Italy. My cousin and his new wife are moving in the first part of July and will be gone three years.

My uncle’s kids decided to have a surprise birthday party for their dad, under the guise of our annual “Cousins and Crabs” party. Each Summer, as many of my cousins (there are 13 of us) from mom’s side of the family get together for an afternoon of crab eating and catching up. We usually do this in July when my sister and her family come into town from Canada for their annual visit. So, the story was that we were moving up the Cousins and Crabs event so we could get together before Will and his wife shipped off to Italy.

The party was hosted at my mom and dad’s house, in our sprawling front yard. I knew that cakes were being ordered for the party, but I wanted to make something special. He is also my godfather.

One unique thing about my uncle is that he is a fan of fanatic about ketchup. Not just any ketchup. It has to be Heinz ketchup. It can only be Heinz ketchup. In fact, he loves it so much and puts it on so many different kinds of food, that he gives it up each year for Lent.

So I decided to make him a Heinz ketchup cake. This was my inspiration:


It was a white cake mix (I dyed a bit of it red to make a sort of swirl in the cake):


I traced the outline of the ketchup bottle on a piece of paper. I then traced the outline of the bottle onto the cake using black sparkle gel frosting. I used white sparkle gel frosting to outline the labels and the cap. Then I began piping in the frosting using a star shaped tip with vanilla frosting I had dyed red:


For the “label”, I used sparkle gel frosting in white and piped white stars around the bottle. I frosted the rest of the cake with the remaining vanilla frosting:


I then finished up the label with red, green, and black sparkle gel frosting:


I finished it up with red stars piped around the base, and added white sugar pearls in the center of each star. Here’s a side view of the cake:


My cake was very homemade, compared to the two professional cakes:

IMG_7248 - Copy

Professional birthday cake

IMG_7247 - Copy

They also had a nice anniversary cake for my aunt and uncle, with a family tree, and edible sugars in the shape of some of his favorite things (high school logo, college logo, Mustangs, Marine corps, Ford, CPA logo, and Wall Street Journal).

But in the end, he made it clear which cake was his favorite:IMG_7250

It was a great party and a wonderful reason to gather family to celebrate.


The Fenwicks: daugher-in-law Nina, Uncle Bill, cousin Will, grandson Jack, daughter-in-law Cathy, cousin Matt, grandson Max, Aunt Barbara, and cousin Heather


My Uncle Frank, Aunt Becky, Uncle Bill, and mom


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