Strawberry and Blueberry Flag Dessert

Baking date: August 1, 2015

Each year in the Summer, my cousins from moms side of the family get together for our annual “Cousins & Crabs” celebration. It’s a feast of steamed crabs, burgers, dogs, and endless side dishes with all the cousins (13 of us), our kids (13 of them), as well as our aunts and uncles.

There are desserts, of course. This year, I made s’mores cookies, which I have made for other events, but not for my family. I also wanted to make a fruit-based concoction. I saw an inspiration photo on Facebook (alas, I couldn’t it again find it to show here), and decided to copy the concept.

Mine wasn’t nearly as crisp and clean as the inspiration photo, but this is a fairly simple thing to make. I washed and dipped the strawberries in white chocolate melts. I probably didn’t dry off the strawberries enough, because the chocolate dipping process wasn’t as neat as it could have been. Water and the chocolate don’t mix well.

Here was the final product:


You can see the chocolate globbed on in some spots, especially where the strawberries were not completely dry. Also, you really need a deep bowl to dip the strawberries in to get consistent coverage over the bottom half of the strawberries. I also worked to make sure the strawberries in each row were as consistent in size as I could get them.

Dumping the washed blueberries in the upper left corner was the easiest part!

While not baked, and not my best looking effort, my family enjoyed fresh fruit with a little chocolate as a noshing option!


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