Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Baking date: August 28, 2015

My sons play in the junior football league in our town. This is a pipeline program for the high school team, like it is for many towns.

When we have home games, our local volunteer rescue squad attends the games in case there are any injuries. I don’t see this type of coverage at the away games we play. To do something nice for the EMTs who are there, I bake goodies for our home games.

So here’s photos of the inspiration cookie from Wanna Come With?:

The original recipe is from the Culinary Institute of America’s Cookies at Home. The spiral should be tighter, based on this version:

cinnamon-bun-cookie-lots of swirls

The photo made the rolling out part look easy, but I found that the dough was super sticky (even though the recipe says otherwise). It was really tough to roll out and smear the cinnamon center on. Perhaps it is because I over-mixed the flour, as the recipe says to stop mixing once the flour is just mixed in. I let it run a few minutes in the mixer as I worked on the cinnamon mixture.

But, I charged on and my cookies actually had more swirls than the inspiration cookies. However, the swirl wasn’t neat because the dough was so sticky and tough to roll out, and looked more like a zig zag swirl.


Pinwheel cookies on LSD?

This recipe makes quite a few cookies. Not only was I able to provide treats for the Walkersville Volunteer Rescue Company staff who was there, but I had a small bag for a former coach who has moved, and his kids were playing on the team we were up against this week. He would always show up at games last year and say “Miss Becky, did you make me any cookies today?”

Finally, I had enough cookies to share with a work colleague. One of my staff had been on vacation the week before, and this person stepped up to help me with answers to a bunch of questions posted on our social media account. I gave her a hand-written thank you note and this box of cookies:


The verdict — everyone thought the cookies were great, even if they didn’t look perfect. And I will make them again, following the recipe instructions more carefully next time.


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