Breakfast Treats and Dessert Breads

Baking date: September 8 and 9, 2015

Each year, my organization does a mailing to about 2,400 individuals. The mailing is comprised of multiple pieces of various sizes and weights. In order to put the package together, we ask staff from a number of departments to help with the assembly line of collating the materials, stuffing them in padded envelopes, and labeling them in preparation for mailing. This takes two full days.

The reward for those that help is a pizza lunch each day, time away from your desk, and a chance to chat with colleagues you might not otherwise have the time to catch up with. And this year since the project moved to my group, I decided to add sweets to the mix.

For the first day, I made two pound cakes (box mix), cinnamon coffee cake (box mix), and banana bread. The one pound cake had a powdered sugar/milk glaze that was infused with orange extract, and another had a glaze infused with raspberry extract. The banana bread recipe is one I’ve used before. I would link to the brand I used for the pound cake mix (Betty Crocker), but the link on their page for the pound cake mix goes to a box mix for pineapple upside down cake instead.

Here are all the goodies on their way to the office with me on the Metro:


There were leftovers after the first day, but I made more treats for day two. This time it was another pound cake mix, but this one was topped with leftover Fireball icing from a previous baking effort. I piped the icing on in “roses”.  I figured this would be good at the end of the second day. I also made a blueberry bread (from a muffin mix), and a pumpkin bread mix. I topped the pumpkin bread with milk chocolate chips. Here are those goodies, getting ready to make the trek with me to work:


This was an easy way for me to add a bit of sweetness to a tedious task.


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