‘Heal Fast’ Cake

Baking date: September 24, 2015

This has been an injury-plagued season for my younger son Nick’s junior football team. The starting running back got a concussion that has sidelined him for three weeks.

My son Nick broke his collar bone. Not during a game, but while he and his older brother were playing football at his uncle’s house. Read all about that mess on my blog. He’s out for the entire season, because:

Those two bones at the top left...yeah, they're supposed to be connected.

Those two bones at the top left…yeah, they’re supposed to be connected.

And during a game on September 12, his teammate George broke his arm. Here’s George in action before the play where he got hurt:


This is George being helped by a dad whose son plays on my older son’s team. This dad is on our local volunteer fire and rescue squad. He comes to every home game just in case he’s needed. That’s why I bake him treats for every home game!


And here’s George on the bench – turns out it was his ulna that was broken.


So, of course I needed to get some treats to George to help his healing. His mom let me know his favorite cake was vanilla with strawberry. Given that we were dealing with our own collar bone break for Nick, I wasn’t as focused on baking, but I made him lion paw shaped candy melt treats to tide him over:

Lion paw candy melts, sending get well wishes

Lion paw candy melts, sending get well wishes

The next week I was finally able to get to that cake. I used a box French vanilla mix and can of vanilla frosting. I also put a special message on the cake using candy mold letters and red sparkle gel frosting.

Baker’s note: Even though Wilton’s 800 line told me I could use the fondant/paste molds for candy melts, I find that it is tough to get them out without a lot of breakage. It was suggested that I dust the molds with cornstarch first or perhaps brush some oil in. But the size of the molds aren’t very big. If anyone has any suggestions, please suggest something in the comments!)

I sliced fresh strawberries from top to bottom and placed them in an alternating up/down pattern along the bottom edge of the cake.

Here’s the cake from the top and a side view so you can see the strawberries:


Get well soon George – we miss you on the field.


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