Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Baking date: September 27, 2015

This cinnamon monkey bread post was showing up all over Facebook as people shared the link, so I decided to try it. It is a very simple recipe and a novice baker could certainly make this with no problem.

I do have some notes about the recipe:

  • I found that the brown sugar/butter mix was not as dark or thick as the photos in the sample recipe. I ended up adding more brown sugar until I was comfortable with the color and thickness.
  • I put all the cut up pieces of the biscuits into the cinnamon sugar mix at once. I found that some pieces still stuck together. I had to pull them apart to get coverage all over the pieces. There was extra mix left over, so as I layered the biscuit pieces, I sprinkled the extra over them in the pan.
  • Cooking time – I would add another 7-10 minutes to the recipe. While the outside was fine, the middle didn’t cook completely, so we ended up tossing about a quarter of it.

Here’s what it looked like right out of the oven:


You can see that the paper liner on the baking tray came in handy for clean up!

And here’s the finished product on the plate and ready to be eaten:


My son loved this and wants to know when I will be making it again. It’s definitely best warm out of the oven, though he picked pieces off the next day and warmed them in the microwave. It’s an easy recipe that would feed a big group.


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