Bowl Game Cupcakes

Baking date: October 23, 2015

This year, the D2 instructional football team at the JV level was headed to its annual bowl game on October 24. The team is made up of kids in the 6 and 7th grade. Our son Nick started on the D2 team this year, but was quickly moved up to the competitive D1 one team.

And then his brother fell on him and broke his collar bone in early September, so Nick’s season was done — barely before it got started.

Throughout the year, I attended the D2 games and continued to take pictures and share them with the parents. At the end of the year, Nick and I attended the Bowl game they played in. I made treats for the players and coaches, as well as the fans in attendance.

The cupcakes were a white box mix (I always add a tablespoon of vanilla to the box mix to give it a more homemade taste). I topped the cupcakes with vanilla icing swirl, using a #2D tip.

I then decorated the swirl with randomly placed gold sugar pearls and dots of blue sparkle gel.

Each swirl was topped with yellow and royal blue candy melt lion paws.

IMG_0502 IMG_0503Even though the team lost the game, the smiles on their faces when they got their cupcakes quickly made them forget what happened on the field!


Way to play hard, boys!


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