French Silk Pie

Baking date: October 18, 2015

My husband is always complaining that I make so many things for other people, and nothing for him. He barked recently, “I can’t even get a chocolate pudding pie.”

So, for the man who complains because

  • I don’t put walnuts in my chocolate chip cookies,and
  • gooey butter cookies are gross, and
  • I put frosting on a perfectly good sugar cookie

I say up yours “here you go honey. I’ll see your chocolate pudding pie and give you one better – a French Silk Pie!”

The inspiration recipe was found on Martha Stewart’s website. Full disclosure – I used a store bought graham cracker crust that my husband picked out. None of that froo-froo homemade crust for him.

The pie itself was very easy to make. I offered to make the whipped cream also, but my husband is a fan of the kind you get to spray out of a can. Weirdo.

The pie turned out great – my son said it tasted like eating frosting (and what’s wrong with that?!).

Slice of French Silk Pie

Slice of French Silk Pie

I actually made two pies. The second I topped with Cool Whip dyed orange, and decorated to look like a basketball. It was for my oldest son Alex’s friend Jacob who broke his elbow just as basketball season has started. He’s in a cast and out a few weeks. I’m sure a yummy pie will help him heal faster!

Basketball French Silk Pie

Basketball French Silk Pie


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