Bradley’s Grand Slam Cake

Baking date: November 14, 2015

I have made quite a few home run cakes in my time for my boys’ teammates. I’ve even made 2 grand slam cakes, which are a bit more fancy than a typical home run cake.

My youngest son Nick no longer plays baseball and has played lacrosse as his Spring sport the past two years. And that has been much to the dismay of one of his former teammates, Bradley. Bradley’s older brother Drew plays baseball with my older son Alex. Drew received a home run cake a few years ago.

During the Fall Ball season, Bradley hit a grand slam. His mom told me that when he came off the field, he said, “I wish Nick still played on my team.”

I had heard Bradley hit the grand slam from another friend, so I was already planning to make him a cake. His mom told me he likes red velvet, so that was the cake portion. Since this was a special cake, I wanted some height to it and used the Easy Layers cake pan set.

I used royal blue frosting in between the layers, because that is one of the team colors. It would be a surprise, because the outside was classic white frosting to look like a baseball. Here are the layers with the royal blue frosting and the start of the classic white icing going on:


For decorations, I used red candy melts in the shape of mini-stars to spell out his name on top, and the date of the grand slam around the backside of the cake. On the front side of the cake, I used regular star size candy melts to spell out GRAND SLAM. All of the letters/numbers were done using green royal frosting. The stitches of the baseball were made using red sparkle gel icing..


Top of the cake


Front side


Front side


Back side


Back side of cake

Around the base, I piped icing in bursts, and added green royal frosting to the center of the burst and a white sugar pearl.

Bradley was surprised and delighted. And for me, that’s a grand slam.

Bradley and cake

Bradley and his cake


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