Halloween Treats for Co-Workers

Baking date: October 25, 2015

It’s that time of year my co-workers look forward to — holiday after holiday when I fire up the oven to try new recipes and celebrate. For Halloween this year, I made a Halloween raindbow party cake.

The recipe and instructions for this cake are pretty simple (if you can get past the silly costume she’s wearing in the video). When it comes to the main cake batter, I make 6 cupcakes from that. It leaves enough batter to complete the “rainbow” cake, without having it climb over the side of the bundt pan while it’s cooking in the oven.

I used a chocolate fudge cake mix for the main batter and added in a bit of black coloring to darken it. The white cake mix I separated and dyed orange and violet.  I dyed the icing black, orange, and purple. I topped it with some Halloween-colored jimmies (the ones second from right in the product photo).

Here’s the cake decorated and ready to head to the office:


and here’s the inside:


This cake looks different every time you make it, depending on how the batter is poured in and settles during baking. I’ve also made this in a version with color schemes for Christmas (red, green, white), Easter (yellow, pink, light purple), Winter (two blues and white with peppermint extract in only 1/3 of one of the icing colors because it is so strong), and breast cancer survivor (white, light pink, hot pink) versions. This cake is great for school colors also.  Baking time: I find this cake takes about 45 – 50 minutes to bake.

Bakers note: I always add a tablespoon of vanilla to box mixes to make them taste a bit more homemade. I also substitute canola oil for vegetable oil because — to me — the cake is more moist and light.

Then, there were the sugar cookies with royal frosting. To help save time, I used refrigerated cookie dough. I made royal frosting, separated it and dyed it orange, kelly green, and violet.

I love using royal frosting, but it is messy. I end up with it all over myself! And it took most of my Sunday to decorate so many cookies (approx. 84).

Some cookies completed - so many more to finish up!

Some cookies completed – so many more to finish up!

Here are the cookies, with a fairly unique design for each one. The exception are the plaids — I didn’t have as much frosting as I thought and worried I wouldn’t have enough to “flood” every cookie. I used Halloween themed jimmies, sugar sprinkles, and candy eyeballs to decorate the royal frosting.

My colleagues enjoyed these SPOOKtacular treats (sorry, was that as cheezy as the chick in the rainbow cake instruction video?)


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