Homecoming Cupcakes

Baking date: October 24, 2015

Family isn’t just what you’re born into. For those of us with sports-playing kids, it’s the friends you make as you bond with the parents of the other kids on team. That has never been more true than for my son Alex’s travel/All-Star team that he has been a part of since 2010.

And when your family needs you; you and the other team moms respond.

Homecoming weekend, one of the team moms since 2009 (whose son went on to play on a different team this year) needed help. She had been in the hospital earlier in the week with internal bleeding. She is a survivor of triple negative breast cancer, so this new situation caused concern.

While she was discharged a few days later, she was still not feeling 100%. However, a few weeks earlier, she had offered to host a number of her daughter’s classmates for dinner prior to the Homecoming dance. The girls were all going stag, but they were still making a night of it. Good for them!

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but let’s just say the parents of those other girls — even knowing my friend’s health situation — well, some of them still expected her to host the pre-dance dinner and didn’t offer any assistance. Uh…WTF?

While that’s not OK, my friend is just too nice to call people on their lack of manners. But have no fear — the baseball moms came to the rescue! That Saturday, a group of us prepared dinner, make desserts, and one mom who was out of town ordered lovely flowers as a centerpiece. There was a group of us who arrived early to set up and prepare the dinner, another group that helped serve, and another group that stayed to clean up.

I made dessert (of course!). The school colors are blue, gold, and white. On the menu where blue cupcakes. Since it was short notice, I didn’t make them from scratch. I used a white cake mix and added royal blue gel.

I used a cupcake plunger to carve out a space for golden yellow frosting.

Blue cupcakes hollowed out

Blue cupcakes hollowed out

Cupcakes filled with

Cupcakes filled with “surprise” golden yellow frosting

The golden yellow frosting was a “hidden” treat, because I topped the cupcakes with a white butter cream frosting swirl and gold sugar pearls. Only 7 girls were coming to the dinner, but I made plenty for the host and her family to enjoy.

IMG_0510 IMG_0509

I love that our group of sports moms did not hesitate for a moment to make this Homecoming special for our friend, her daughter, and her daughter’s friends.

My friend Krista and her daughter on Homecoming night

My friend Krista and her daughter on Homecoming night

My friend now undergoing further procedures and tests based on the initial results of her stay in the hospital. If you’re the kind who believes in prayer, auras, kismet, karma — whatever. Send some of that good stuff her way!


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