Halloween-Themed Playoff Cupcakes

Baking date: October 30, 2015

Both my boys’ junior league teams made the football playoffs this year. As is my tradition, I make goodies for the boys after each playoff game, with the hope that we make it to the SuperBowl.

I had hoped a couple of images I had created and posted on Facebook football groups would provide the players with additional inspiration:

JV and Varsity

The first of the playoff games on the way to the SuperBowl fell on Halloween. Cupcakes are the easiest thing to make in terms of individual treats and I decided to decorate them in team colors (royal blue and gold), but with a spooky look.

First I made candy melt spider webs in yellow (one of the team colors). I also made extra cupcakes for the fans at the games and created vibrant green candy melt spider webs. I only made the “half web”, not the whole web.

As the spider webs were setting, I added sugar sprinkles in gold on top of the yellow ones.

The cupcakes were a simple yellow cake box mix. I dyed the icing using royal blue dye. I used a 1A tip to pipe on a “monster” and used sugar eyeballs. I then added on the spider webs I had created.

Here are the monster cupcakes in my fridge:


But to me, they looked like a royal blue version of the poop emoji:



I thought, what 12 or 13 year old boy wouldn’t love a cupcake decorated to look like poop? Here are the two trays (there were exactly 24 players and coaches).

I posted an inspiration photo of the treats on the team’s Facebook group page:


I also made additional cupcakes for the fans and families in attendance because I had a feeling this would be the last game for the JV team. They were up against the top seeded team. And I was right; they lost the game and their season came to an end.

Here are the extra cupcakes with the vibrant green candy melt spider webs. I didn’t swirl on the icing for more poop emojis. I only used one eyeball on these cupcakes:


There were two trays of this version of the cupcake

For the varsity team, we were the #1 seed in our quarterfinal game. We had come off an undefeated season and expected to make a run through the two playoff games on our way to the SuperBowl. I planned to make more elaborate creations once we got to the semi-final and then the SuperBowl. Full disclosure – I also ran out of royal blue dye and wouldn’t have had enough frosting to make more poop emoji monsters, so I just covered the top of the cupcakes with some frosting, the candy eyeballs, and a yellow spider web candy melt.

Here’s the varsity version:

Once again, I was lucky that the number of players and coaches was 24.  I posted an inspiration picture on the Facebook team group page:


But for my son Alex, his teammates, and coaches, the road to the SuperBowl ended that day. It was a sad day for the boys, but I have had the honor of watching them become fine young men over the past six years.

While the ending wasn’t so sweet for either of my boys’ teams this year, I’m grateful to have good boys, with good friends, who play on good teams to cheer for.


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