Fall-Themed Bake Sale Goodies

Baking date: November 13, 2015

One of my baseball mom friends is a skating instructor. Each holiday season, her athletes hold a bake sale on weekends at the skating rink to raise money for families in need.

This year, the other baseball moms and I are contributing baked goods to the sale, as we know one of the families targeted to receive some of the proceeds.

I decided to make shortbread cut out cookies in the shape of pumpkins. I had seen the inspiration cookie, and thought, “yeah, I can do that!”


And I quickly realized, yeah, I can do that, if I’m a professional cookie decorator who has tons of training and experience.

Since I have neither tons of training or experience with royal frosting, this is how my cookies turned out:

Shortbread pumpkin cookie with royal frosting

What I learned was that in order to make the sections of the pumpkin stand out more, my outline of royal frosting needs to be thicker. It might also help to tint the flooding/filling royal icing a shade darker. Secondly, I made the green way too runny – the vines did not hold their shape well and I wasn’t even going to attempt the tiny leaves. But to jazz the pumpkin up a bit, I added orange sugar sprinkles.

Here’s one of two trays of the cookies:


I also made pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting (frosting from this cinnamon roll recipe), and sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice.

Here they are, packaged up (1 pumpkin cookie per bag, 3 pumpkin spice cookies per bag) and ready to head to the bake sale.


With the goodies the baseball moms helped bake, the sale made over $100 on that weekend. I love being part of a community pulls together for good!



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