Monster Eyeballs Cake

Baking date: October 18, 2015

A friend of mine had been going through some medical issues. She is a four year survivor of breast cancer, so any medically-related issues take on heightened attention. After a brief stay in the hospital, I decided she and her family could use something to bring smiles to their faces.

Someone had posted a picture to my Facebook wall of a “monster eyeball” cake — people do that all the time when they see treats they think I can make. I decided that would be a fun cake to make.

Here’s a photo of the inspiration cake along with the ‘how to’:

Inspiration cake

A new notes about modifications I made for my cake.

  • I used one white cake mix as the base and tinted half pink (breast cancer survivor). This would definitely work better with two cake mixes for maximum zebra effect, as my cake layers were very thin. I followed a tutorial on how to make a cake with zebra stripes on the inside. Picture of the result at the end!
  • The original recipe calls for a Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting, but I used a regular buttercream frosting.
  • I thought a mix of eyeballs would be fun. The bigger eyeballs use Junior Mints for the pupils. It was Halloween season, so green mint Oreos were abundant and those were the base for my bigger eyeballs. I think the green added a nice monster/spooky element. And it was mint on mint – win!
  • I used red M&Ms for the smaller eyeballs.
  • My cake was only two layers, and the inspiration cake looks to be three or four smaller layers.

And one note – in my rush to get this done (on a week night!), I didn’t scrape the Oreo cookies clean once I took off the cookie from one side. That’s a step you want to think about if you want your cake to look as perfect as possible.

Here’s my cake:


As a special touch, I piped on the word “HOPE” in pink sparkle gel around one set of eyeballs. This is a word that has very special meaning for my friend, after her battle with cancer. I piped on starbursts around the base of the cake and added a pink sugar pearl at the center of each.


And the “zebra-like” inside:


My friend said the cake cheered up the whole house, given the weight of her recent health situation. And isn’t that what it’s all about?


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