White Russian Bundt Cake

Baking date: November 15, 2015

My very good friend Rebecca’s birthday fell on a Monday this year. But that was fine because on Sunday, I was busy baking her a yummy cake. She is a big fan of White Russian cupcakes and a White Russian cheese cake I have made previously, so I wanted to stick with that flavor theme, but try something different.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. Where else would I ever find inspiration for so many recipes? After a quick search on White Russian desserts, I found the inspiration cake recipe:


The recipe is pretty straight-forward and the time for cooking didn’t require any adjusting. When it was still in the pan right out of the oven, I brushed on some Kahlua to let that soak into the cake.

For the glaze, I don’t know how they got it to look so white in the inspiration photo because the Kahlua gives it a light mocha look. There was PLENTY of glaze — I feel like you could cut the glaze recipe in half and still be fine. Also, I would have waited for the cake to cool a bit more before applying the glaze.

This is my finished product:


My friend took some of the cake to work, where she said it received rave reviews.

Cheers and Happy Birthday, Rebecca!





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