Candy Corn Pumpkin Blondies

Baking date: November 22, 2015

The inspiration for this treat came in the form of Twitter. A co-worker in another department tweeted this at me, and another co-worker chimed in:


Names and twitter handles redacted

Since the request to please make these happen was included, I had to make them.

I followed the recipe, but I would say the baking time should be about 5 – 7 minutes longer than what is recommended. The blondies were a bit soft and appeared slightly undercooked in the middle even though I used a cake tester before pulling them out of the oven. My son and I both tested one and he said they were good – nice and soft. Still, I like blondies to be a bit firmer.

Another thing about the blondie that I was super excited for was the flavor of the maple syrup, but I really didn’t taste it.

I iced them a little differently than the inspiration recipe. I only tinted the yellow portion. For the orange, I used orange sugar sparkles. This is how mine turned out:


I left a sample on my co-workers’ desks and gave the rest to our Customer Service Department to say thanks for all they do every day.


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