Game-saving Interception Football Cake

Baking date: November 22, 2015

Many of my readers know that my boys are into sports. In the Winter, it’s basketball. In the Spring, the older one plays baseball and the younger plays lacrosse. In the Fall, both play football.

Next year, our oldest enters high school. He has been playing in the junior football league for six years and is looking forward to playing in high school. Each Friday, we go to the games and cheer on the high school team.

This year, our team has a strong group of sophomores — some of whom my son knows from their time in the junior football league. This year the team had a good year and in the final game – against a long-time county rival – they won and punched their ticket to the playoffs.

Our boys were the lowest seed in the first round against a #1 seed team. In a game that certainly stunned the #1 team, the Lions won and moved on to the regional championship.

In the regional championship game, our boys faced the #1 seed once again. With our boys leading 17-14 in the final minute and a half of the game, the opponent was moving the ball down the field toward a score. On a second down long pass, one of our boys made a game-saving interception and we won the game.

With that, the underdog Lions became 2A West Regional Champs!

And, of course, I would need to make a special cake for Ethan High who made the interception. Ethan’s younger brother had played baseball with our oldest for a number of years. And Ethan’s youngest brother played lacrosse with our youngest.

I asked Ethan’s dad what kind of cake he likes and his dad said “chocolate anything”. I started with a dark chocolate fudge cake mix and used the football cake pan.

For the icing, I also used dark chocolate fudge frosting to match the cake. It was a bit dark — milk chocolate frosting looks more football like. But I wanted the cake and frosting to be super chocolaty, so that’s what I used.

I used a #47 tip with classic white frosting to create the laces on top. I hand piped the letters onto wax paper using yellow candy melts (printed out the words/numbers reversed, so that the smooth side would be facing the correct way when they were on the cake. I taped the wax paper over the letters and then did the piping.). Note: In the future, I will make all caps block letters, as the lower case letters are tough to form freehand, especially with lots of curves and loops.

I texted his mom halfway through decorating to give her a sneak peek and to confirm a time to drop the cake off:


I added two large paws in yellow and royal blue candy melts on each end of the football, with Ethan’s number 8 piped on in frosting dyed royal blue. I added bursts around the bottom edge of the cake, and placed a gold sugar pearl in the center of each burst.

Here is the cake all decorated:


Ethan was truly surprised. His parents were having grandparents and aunts and uncles over for a family meal Sunday night, so the cake just added to the celebration.

Ethan and Cake

Way to go Ethan!

And congrats to the Walkersville Lions, who won the state semi-final game against another #1 seed the following Friday and are now on their way to the State Championship game this Saturday!


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