Candy Cane Cake

Baking date: December 24, 2015

My mom hosted Christmas dinner for my dad’s family this year. Mom provided the main dishes — tenderloin and stuffed ham (definitely an acquired taste that I never acquired) — and homemade rolls.

Everyone else was bringing side dishes and I offered to make a cake. I saw a box of Duff Goldman’s Candy Cane cake and thought it would be a fun thing to try.

Duff Cake Mix

I didn’t expect to get the exact look of the picture on the box (Duff’s a pro, after all). I do believe that you would get something closer to the picture if you doubled the recipe from one box to two. That way the layers of the cake would have greater height and the candy cane look would be more visible.

I frosted my cake with red-tinted vanilla icing in between the layers, white vanilla on top, and a combination of the red and white on the side. My goal was to make a candy cane stripe on the side of the cake.

I used two 1A tips with red icing in one bag and white icing in the other. I alternated the color of the icing as I piped each layer around the circumference of the cake, starting from the bottom up. I then used an icing smoother, but the cake plate my mom gave me had a lip, so I couldn’t get the smoother flush against the cake. I opted for a long knife instead.

The mix came with some crushed candy canes for the top, but I opted for red sugar sprinkles instead. For peppermint flavor, you could add some peppermint extract into the cake mix instead (1/4 teaspoon would be plenty – peppermint extract is strong!).

Here’s my finished cake. Not too bad for my first attempt at this smoothing technique. As you can see, the layers are not very tall, which is why I might use two boxes next time:


Here’s the inside. Because the height isn’t that tall, it’s hard to see the candy cane stripes on the inside, even though the technique used to get them does work. Again – doubling the mixes used should help with that.


I will definitely try this candy cane/zebra technique with future cakes as it makes a nice surprise when you cut into the dessert.


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