Cheerleader Cupcakes

Baking date: December 21, 2015

I was commissioned to make cupcakes for the cheer team at the local high school. It never occurred to me they might want something with a holiday theme, so I went with school colors. In hind-sight, I should have gone with a Citrus Bowl-inspired design, since the girls won a competition to cheer at that event this year.

Hindsight and all.

I asked for all the cheerleaders names, in addition to the coaches names to add as decoration on each cupcake.

The cupcakes were from a box French vanilla flavor mix. I always add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to all my box mixes to give them a bit more home made flavor.

The icing was done in the team colors – blue and gold. I used Wilton icing dyes in royal blue and golden yellow to tint the icing. I used royal icing to outline each cupcake in yellow and then flood it with the rest of the yellow. Once the royal frosting dried, I piped on each girls’ name, along with the names of the coaches with a #1 tip in regular frosting tinted with the royal blue.  Around the edge, I piped bursts (like pom poms) with a #16 tip in the royal blue for the cheerleaders’ cupcakes. For the coaches, I used the #16 tip to make an edge around the cupcake.

There were 21 cupcakes that I needed for names. For the last three, I piped on the words LIONS, CHEER, and SPIRIT, with the edge like the coaches’ cupcakes.


Congrats girls – have a blast at the Orange Bowl!

P.S. When doing something that requires names, never feel bad about confirming the spelling. The list included the name BEANNA and I went back to the requester to make sure the name was correct. Sure enough, an R was missing. I would have felt worse if I wasn’t sure, didn’t check, and ended up spelling the name wrong.

Special note about being paid for my creations: I don’t make goodies for a living, but on occasion, I will make something special if I am asked. This is what I tell people about my ‘prices’:  I charge for the actual ingredients and presentation elements (boxes/cake boards/etc) costs. I then tell the person the total materials cost and let them know how long it will take. I tell them my price for the materials and that they can add on whatever they think is fair for my time. In this case, the materials cost about $10-$15 (the cupcake container being the most expensive part) and I would be spending about 2-3 hours on the making/decorating. There have been people who have only paid me for the materials, and others who are very generous in the amount they pay me for my time. If you are going to charge for your work, how you do it is up to you. This is what works for me, as I find that baking and decorating is something fun and relaxing, so getting to do it is a pleasure and not work. And being reasonable about what people pay is a way for me to pay it forward.



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