Christmas Cookies for the Office

Baking date: December 20, 2015

My holiday gift to my staff each year is always home made goodies. Not only do I include cookies and other sweets, I also give them a gift card to a local coffee house.

This year, the goodie boxes included shortbread cut out rounds, decorated with royal frosting to look like snowflakes.  I tinted the royal frosting light blue, added on the snowflake designs in white. I topped them with white and light blue sugar pearls, as well as mini white sugar pearls and silver sugar sprinkles.


They also received reindeer cookies. This time, I added some red sugar sprinkles to the red-tinted royal frosting noses.


The package also include Bailey’s Irish Creme Cheesecake Balls. I substituted regular Oreos for the Tim Tam cookies. They were topped with red, green, and silver sugar sparkles after being dipped in the Godiva white melting chocolate.

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For the rest of the co-workers in my division, I included quite a spread! It was three containers full of cookies that made the trip in on the Metro with me:


The spread of goodies included sugar cookies decorated like snowflakes. I used white royal frosting to outline and flood. The snowflakes were created using royal frosting tinted light blue. Each cookie had a different snowflake design, enhanced with light blue, white, or gold sugar pearls, silver or gold sugar sprinkles, and a few different candy decorations like snowmen, holly, Christmas tree, and the occasional blue M&M.

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It also included Bailey’s Irish Creme cheesecake balls. These were dipped in red and green, topped with more Christmas-inspired sprinkles.

Here’s the full spread of goodies, which included many of the left over decorated cookies from my cookie exchange, as well as ROLO turtle fudge, the snowflake sugar cookies, and the Bailey’s Irish Creme Cheesecake Balls:


And here’s a look at everything up close and labeled.

It only takes a little sugar to bring smiles to the faces of your co-workers during the holiday season.



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