Christmas Eve Deliveries to My Other Family Members

Baking date: December 23, 2015

When my three sisters and I were little, mom and dad would pile us in the VW bus (the original minivan) with packages of homemade treats my mom had whipped up. The day after Christmas, we would visit all my mom’s aunts and uncles to deliver the goods and a little Christmas cheer to her elderly aunts and uncles – she had 6 aunts and uncles on her mom’s side alone!

We would end the visits by stopping by two family friends’ homes, who had children our age we could play with. It was our reward for being well-behaved at the homes of the family elders.

My husband and I live about 2.5 hours away from my parents. While some of my husband’s immediate family (two uncles) are close by, the closest family member to me is my uncle who is just over an hour away.

A few years ago, I decided to start my own Christmas tradition of making homemade goodie deliveries to family. In my case, the “family” is the group of people we spend the majority of our spring and summer with at baseball fields — some of them we see on the football field and basketball court as well. While not all the families still are part of the baseball team my son Alex plays on, I consider them family.

I bake lots of cookies to decorate and I make mini-breads. I stuff enough into each container for the family members, as well as chocolates (holiday themed stuff like Snickers, Kisses, KitKats, etc.).

This year’s cookies included sugar cookies with decorations baked in, and gingerbread cut out candy canes and stars decorated with royal frosting. Some stars were had yellow tinted royal frosting with gold sugar pearls and gold sugar sprinkles. The other stars had white royal frosting and a variety of Christmas-themed sprinkles on top. The candy canes were all outlined and had white stripes. Every other stripe was flooded with the white royal icing. Sprinkles in red, green, gold, or silver were then added on the icing and the excess was shaken off.

The mini-breads were Snickerdoodle, pumpkin with chocolate chips on top, and banana.

Here’s the whole batch, ready for packaging:


And a few up close photos of the cookies:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, it’s always important to include your family members. Even those that don’t share your DNA.


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