Chocolate/Chocolate and Vanilla/Vanilla Cupcakes

Baking date: February 20, 2016

My son and his best friend Ty share a birthday. And this year, they had a basketball game on their birthday. The two of them requested vanilla on vanilla and chocolate on chocolate cupcakes for the team.

For the vanilla on vanilla, I used a french vanilla box mix. For all treats I make using a box mix, I add a tablespoon of vanilla. For the frosting, I made a buttercream frosting and doubled the recipe because I was doing a fancy swirl. I find that the fancy swirls require more than a typical frosting recipe calls for.

I used a 2A round tip to swirl on the frosting. Here’s what the vanilla on vanilla cupcakes looked like:


For the chocolate on chocolate, I used a triple chocolate fudge box mix. For the chocolate frosting, I used a “quick” ganache recipe I found on Pinterest. This recipe makes a TON – more than enough for a fancy swirl design on 24 cupcakes. Make sure when you transfer the heated mixture, you use a really big bowl. The stirring portion of the recipe probably took longer than necessary because the mixture was almost at the top of the bowl I was using and I had to be careful not to spill it. And I probably had enough left over to frost an entire two layer cake.

I let the frosting set so it would not be runny and would pipe on well. I used a 1M tip to create a swirl on top of the chocolate cupcakes in the ganache. Here is the finished cupcake:


I’m anxious to try this ganache recipe using milk chocolate (I prefer milk chocolate over semi-sweet), white, cinnamon — maybe even butterscotch chips! The cupcake wrappers were in royal blue and white (team colors). Here are 12 of each version (I had 24 of each version):


Happy Birthday, Alex and Ty!



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