Snickers Poke Cake

Baking date: February 20, 2016

I asked my son Alex what kind of cake he wanted for his 14th birthday and I got a resounding – but not unexpected from a teen boy – “I dunno” response. I went through some of the cakes I have saved on Pinterest, and came across a recipe for Snickers poke cake.  Both he and his dad like Snickers, so I suggested the cake and he responded “sure.”

Here’s the inspiration cake:

The cake is fairly simple to make. I used a devil’s food box mix (adding a tablespoon of vanilla to the mix) for the base cake. When spreading the whipped topping/caramel mix on top of the cake after you’ve poked holes and drizzled caramel sauce, I would wait for the cake to cool completely. I ended up with some of the warm, moist cake coming up as I spread on the whipped topping mix.

The part that took the longest (aside from baking the cake) was chopping the Snickers.

Here’s my version:

When I asked my son “how was the cake?” he responded with “it’s good.” I’m going to consider that high praise from my teenager, who is a kid of few words.


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