Valentine Cookies for Co-Workers

Baking date: February 15, 2016

I usually make goodies for my colleagues at the office during holidays. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Using the chocolate sugar cookie recipe that is now a go-to fav, I made mini-heart-shaped cookies. There were a bunch that were decorated to be like conversation hearts, and the rest were decorated with sprinkles. I made royal icing (I always substitute a tablespoon of water with a tablespoon of almond extract – it makes the icing taste better), separated it and colored it leaf green, violet, golden yellow, and rose. I used the colors sparingly so that they would be more pastel. I outlined the hearts in the colors and used the remaining icing to flood them.

For the conversation hearts, I colored a bit of the royal icing red for writing on the letters. The conversation hearts had the name of the many services my Association offers (we love our acronyms!). Here’s a look at them:


Here’s the rest of the heart cookies. The base icing was royal icing and I either added sprinkles or a different color royal frosting to decorate each one.

With the last of the dough, I made a big hand-shaped heart, using each color to outline the shape inward with a big red center. I gave that to the Chief of our division, because we certainly do ❤ her!


It was a way to sweeten up the week for the amazing colleagues I have!


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