German Chocolate Cake Cookies

Baking date: April 23, 2016

My friends on Facebook have a habit of posting links on my wall to cookies, cupcakes, and cakes — basically any dessert! — they think I might like to try. And with my older son’s baseball team, I have a built in taste-testing system of players, coaches, parents, siblings, and other fans who come to the games.

I had one of the coaches post a link to German Chocolate Cake cookies recipe to my wall, so I figured I would give them a try.

The cookies are fairly easy to make, including the topping. But the topping does take some patience and standing over the stove as you stir the “frosting” constantly.

Here are the cookies out of the oven:


And here are the cookies with the topping. The recipe indicates that the chocolate drizzle is optional – as if!


A few notes about the recipe:

  • I used a cookie scoop for the cookies, which is why they are so nice and round
  • the topping was the perfect amount for the cookies, with none left over and not having to spread it too thin at the end. Just be mindful not to overdo when you first start out
  • my taste-testers indicated you couldn’t really taste the coconut

Ultimately, the cookies received positive reviews from all – including my son who is not a big fan of coconut. Another cookie recipe keeper, so thanks for finding it Nick!

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