Mother’s Day Baseball Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Baking date: May 7, 2016

For the past 5 years – with the exception of last year — I have spent my Mother’s Day at the baseball field watching my oldest son play on a travel team. While most moms might be disappointed at sharing “their” day with other families at the ball field, I consider it part of being a mom, and a true reflection of what being a mom is all about – supporting your kid in their pursuits.

It’s also brought some amazing memories — like the year we got a picture with the players and moms. It is still one of my favorite memories of being a sports mom.


2012 10U Walkersville Lions on Mother’s Day

Since I bake goodies for every weekend game, I made special cookies for the moms on this Mothers Day. I started by using the recipe for chocolate sugar cookies. I used a recently purchased plaque cookie cutter (the one on the right in the photo).

I decorated the cookies using royal icing. I flooded the main part of the cookies in white. I then dyed some of the icing red (no taste), and some royal blue. I used the red to pipe the baseball stitching on each end of the cookie, into the white base. I also piped the each players number and the word MOM into the white base. Finally, I outlined the white base in royal blue. Here’s what the decorated cookies looked like:


I made one special cookie for the head coach. He lost his mother this past Fall, so I made him this cookie because his family called her “Mom Mom”.


And thankfully, I had made a generic Mom cookie, because we had one kid who played with us that day as a fill in.


With the remaining cookie dough, I made round cut outs and using the three colors of royal icing, made a check pattern on top of the cookies. With the last of the dough, I had shaped it into an oval cookie and decorated it with red, white, and blue, and little red hearts. I gave that to one of the grandmothers at the game.



The one downside to these cookies was transporting them and waiting for the end of the game to hand them out. I had placed each cookie in a sandwich bag, and this is what they looked like (even though it wasn’t particularly hot that day, and I had placed the container in the shade):


I had decorated them that morning, so it’s possible if I had done it the evening before, the icing would have had more time to set. Even so, according to the moms, they tasted good!

There’s still time to perfect this, as we have baseball games on Fathers Day!


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