Baseball Homerun Cake for Justin

Baking date: May 15, 2016

I feel like over the years I’ve made tons of homerun cakes and even a special grand slam cupcake cake for kids who are on my boys’ baseball teams. I used to make a lot of them, but as the kids got bigger, the fields they play on have gotten larger and the fences are further away. My homerun cake production has gone down substantially, so it’s always a treat to make one.

I was contacted by a mom whose son played on a team with my younger son Nick (Nick has since changed from baseball to lacrosse). Her son Justin hit a homerun and she wanted to commission me to make him a cake.

His mom said that Justin like vanilla cake, so I started with a French vanilla box mix. I add a tablespoon of vanilla to the mix — a tip I read some time ago that says it makes box mixes taste more homemade. I used two 9 inch round pans.

I made mini stars in dark blue candy melt (his team colors are dark blue and grey) and piped his name in white frosting as well as the date of the home run on the stars. I made four bigger stars to go on each “side” of the cake and piped white frosting dots on each star.

I iced the cake using classic white frosting. I piped on the baseball seams using red sparkle gel frosting. Baker’s note: with regard to the sparkle gel, I’m slowly phasing this out of my decorating tool box. It takes forever to set. Also, once you use it and then return to it for a new project, I find it to becomes a bit too runny for my needs. You can see that toward the bottom of the top of the cake, where the seams started to spread out.

I used vibrant green frosting and with a #233 tip, created “grass” around the base of the cake. I also added dashes between the month – day – year on the cake in green frosting and wrote HOMERUN at the top.

Here’s the cake from the top:


And from the side so you can see the “grass” and stars:


But the best picture of all? Justin’s face when his parents gave him the cake, which had been a surprise for him:

Justin with his cake

Way to go, Justin!

How I price my work:

How I price my work



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