Sweet 16 Princess Cupcakes

Baking date: May 26, 2016

A dear friend commissioned me to make cupcakes for her daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday party and her son’s 8th grade graduation. For her daughter’s party, it was going to be princess themed and she said the words pink (which I could totally do) and tiara (which I thought I could do).

I searched YouTube and found a video on how to make tiaras out of candy melt. I began saving paper towel rolls and even tried a prototype on a toilet paper roll. I added a sugar pearl and silver sugar sprinkles and thought it turned out pretty well:


I began production on the tiaras the weekend before I needed them. Here they are setting up in the frig:

Tiaras on Tubes

I made thirty five of them. Good thing, because when it came time to decorate the cupcakes…let’s just say it was a challenge!

The birthday girl had requested chocolate cupcakes, so I looked for a recipe on Pinterest that wasn’t called the ‘best’, ‘perfect’, or some other superlative. I went with super decadent chocolate cupcakes. So, a little superlative-y.

In keeping with the pink theme, I used pink leopard cupcake liners. I made a double batch of wedding cupcake buttercream frosting and dyed it with rose icing color.

Using a 1M tip, I piped a swirl on each cupcake. I then added pink colored sugar sprinkles on the swirl.

Then it was time for the candy melt tiaras…

Let’s just say patience is not my finest virtue. And neither is working with candy melt tiaras, evidently. Nearly all of them broke:

Busted Tiaras


There was a lot of cussing trying to put little pieces back together. And because so many broke into tiny parts, some of the cupcakes ended up without tiaras. Here’s what the finished products looked like — I was so disappointed in all the broken pieces:

Cupcakes 1Cupcakes 2Cupcakes 3

Of course, there were some tiaras that came out ok:

Good among the not good

And I never miss an opportunity to make fun of myself. I posted this to Instagram:


Here’s an up-close look at one of the “good” cupcakes:

Good Tiara

Look closely – you can see this is one that broke on the right, but I managed to line it up so it looked ok

I had some extra batter left over after making 36 cupcakes (they had requested 30), so I made a single layer 9″ round cake and decorated it with buttercream frosting and the rest of the pink buttercream around the lower edge. I added silver sugar pearls to make the outline of a 16 and then added the pink colored sugar sprinkles inside the outline.


In the end, the birthday girl loved the cupcakes and was delighted with the cake because now there was a place for a candle for her to blow out.

Happy Sweet 16, Sarah Grace!

Sarah Grace

I received this lovely decoration from her mom that I am placing over my oven:


My pricing philosophy:Sarah Grace pricing


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