Football Jersey, Football Player Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Baking date: January 5, 2019

Each year for my son’s football team, I have been baking for the annual banquet. The year they were the State 2A Champs, I went crazy. The following year, we were conference champs, and I baked a bunch for that banquet as well.

This past year, after losing 25 seniors, our team was in re-building mode. We had a tough season and we weren’t the same powerhouse. In addition, we lost a number of key starters to injuries. So, while we didn’t make the playoffs, we still celebrated the boys and their coaches who worked hard through a tough season.

I made personalized jersey chocolate sugar cookies for the Seniors. The cookie cutter is large, so keep that in mind for the amount of cookie batter you will need. This recipe makes a ton of roll out cookies, but the year we had 25 Seniors on the team, I ended up making two batches.

What you see here is the first batch. Because our naughty dog Jake at3 about 4 of the cookies off the table and I had to make more. Luckily, I had not used all the cookie dough at this point.IMG_2401

For the non-Senior varsity players, I made personalized gingerbread men football players. For the JV team, I made cupcakes.

Here is my kitchen table, with the cookies in various states of decoration. I used Betty Crocker cookie icing in royal blue, white, and white dyed golden yellow, so that everything would be in the school colors.


You can see my list at the bottom of the picture. Getting a complete roster with the correct numbers is very important. I cross them off as I decorate them!


The coaches and the team mom get football cookies

Here are the Senior cookies:

Player Jerseys


Here are the remainder of the varsity player cookies:


And an assortment of the rest, including a cookie for the team mom/photographer:


Here is the dessert table, that included the JV cupcakes (chocolate with vanilla frosting, topped with gold and royal blue colored chocolates, and yellow and royal blue sugar sprinkles), as well as some store-bought cupcakes and cookies.

Full table

I know their job as teenagers is to try and act cool, but we did manage to catch a number of them showing off their personalized treats. Even my kid posed (he’s #63) with a few of his linemen buddies.

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I donate my time and the cost of materials for this effort. This banquet is one of the ways I pay-it-forward for the kids in my community — many of whom I have watched play football for 10+ years.



Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

Baking date: September 23, 2018

My son Alex is a junior in high school this year, and a starter on the O line for his high school varsity football team. As part of community service, he is helping the parent volunteer coaches for the junior football program that he was a part of for so many years prior to high school.

The kids think the high school football players are “stars” and love talking to them and hearing about how things are done in high school. The youth players come to the high school games on Friday night and cheer on “Coach Alex” and his team. It helps build the sense of community in our rural town of about 5,000.

This year, one of the coach’s sons had a goal of dropping enough weight to lose the red stripe on his helmet (an indicator of weight limit – if you weigh more than a prescribed maximum, for safety reasons, you can not carry the ball). My son Alex wore a red stripe every year he played – and we even struggled with weight one year, in an effort to keep him with his classmates instead of moving up to the next age/grade level.

So, when young Marcus made the weight – celebratory carbs were in order! He requested strawberry cupcakes. That was easy enough, as I have a great homemade strawberry cupcake recipe. Baker’s note: this cupcake does not rise much while baking, so be sure to fill the batter close to the top of the liner.

I did not make the homemade frosting, instead using a canned white frosting.  I then dipped them in multi-colored nonpariels, and topped them with top to bottom-sliced strawberries that I hoped looked like hearts.

42421159_10217218902849758_4933537394277220352_n42358783_10217218903569776_3290568273044701184_n (1)

Congrats on all your hard work to make weight, Marcus!


Marcus grabs a ride on the shoulders of my son Alex