Cherry/Blueberry Patriotic Pie

Baking date: July 1, 2016

I had seen a really clever photo on Pinterest of a cherry/blueberry flag pie, and wanted to try it for a pool party we were attending. The kids got firecracker cupcakes, but this was a dessert more for the adults. Truth be told, the adults ate the firecracker cupcakes also!

Here’s the inspiration photo:

Inspiration photo


Since this was only a photo from Instagram, I googled cherry and blueberry flag pie to see if there were any recipes. There were plenty, but it wasn’t the recipe I needed because I used canned cherry and blueberry pie filling and refrigerated pie crust. I wanted to know how to get that quadrant look to the pie.

I found one recipe that said to fold foil into a 90 degree angle and place that in the pie pan after inserting the crust. Press it down a bit into the crust. Then you gently spoon the blueberry filling in (1/2 a can). Then gently spoon the cherry pie filling in (2 cans). Do your best to make sure the blueberry and cherry filling are level with one another. Gently pull out the foil. Baker’s note: there is also a tool called a pie dam which can help with sectioning the pie.

For the second pie crust in the package, I laid it out on the cutting board and used a pizza cutter to make the stripes out of 1/3 of the crust. For the other 2/3 of the rolled out crust, I used a small star cookie cutter. I needed more of the crust for the stars, because I was using them on top of the blueberry section and also to line the edge of the pie. I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar mix over the top (not very evenly, I’m afraid!) once the stars and stripes were added.

Here’s the pie ready to go into the oven:


And here’s the pie out of the oven. I didn’t use egg wash to help brown the crust, in case there were any allergies at the party:


My oldest son had a piece and liked it so much, he asked me to make another for our own family 4th of July cookout. So I did:


Going into the oven


Bubbly hot out of the oven

The pie was delicious…both times. This is an easy way to make a special dessert for your 4th of July celebration.

French Silk Pie

Baking date: October 18, 2015

My husband is always complaining that I make so many things for other people, and nothing for him. He barked recently, “I can’t even get a chocolate pudding pie.”

So, for the man who complains because

  • I don’t put walnuts in my chocolate chip cookies,and
  • gooey butter cookies are gross, and
  • I put frosting on a perfectly good sugar cookie

I say up yours “here you go honey. I’ll see your chocolate pudding pie and give you one better – a French Silk Pie!”

The inspiration recipe was found on Martha Stewart’s website. Full disclosure – I used a store bought graham cracker crust that my husband picked out. None of that froo-froo homemade crust for him.

The pie itself was very easy to make. I offered to make the whipped cream also, but my husband is a fan of the kind you get to spray out of a can. Weirdo.

The pie turned out great – my son said it tasted like eating frosting (and what’s wrong with that?!).

Slice of French Silk Pie

Slice of French Silk Pie

I actually made two pies. The second I topped with Cool Whip dyed orange, and decorated to look like a basketball. It was for my oldest son Alex’s friend Jacob who broke his elbow just as basketball season has started. He’s in a cast and out a few weeks. I’m sure a yummy pie will help him heal faster!

Basketball French Silk Pie

Basketball French Silk Pie

Christmas – Take 2

Baking Date: January 18, 2014

My husband’s dad lives about 5 hours away from us. Each year, it’s our tradition to get together with him and his wife, along with my husband’s brothers and their families at some point in January to celebrate Christmas.

This year, I offered to make desserts (shocker!).  I made sugar cookies and decorated them in Christmas colors. Each one was unique — here they are:

Rice Christmas Cookies 2

Christmas-themed cookies

More Christmas-themed cookies

More Christmas-themed cookies

I also made a pie, based on a recipe I saw in Food Network magazine.  It’s cinnamon roll apple pie.  One note about this recipe — it calls for the juice of one lemon. I found that to be a bit too tart, and overwhelmed the apple flavor somewhat. I would recommend the juice of half a lemon to cut the tart flavor and let the apple flavor come through.

Here’s the pie after it came out of the oven and the icing was applied:

Cinnamon bun apple pie with icing

Cinnamon bun apple pie with icing

Here’s hoping your holiday traditions hit the “sweet” spot!