Home Run Cake for Jake

Baking date: May 26, 2017

I’ve made so many home run cakes over the years, I can’t keep count. This year on my son’s travel team, only one player hit a home run.

Technically, he hit two home runs. But one of them came after May 31 and I have been out of the baking game since then, when I had surgery to repair/rebuild a rupture in my Achilles. Recovery required 6 weeks completely off of my foot, so the the kitchen has been shut down while I was on the mend.

Jake requested a vanilla cake, so I used a French vanilla box mix — always add that extra tablespoon of vanilla when mixing to make it seem a bit more homemade.

The frosting was white. I dyed some red for the baseball stitches and some green for the grass around the base, piped on with a #233 tip. I also used some of the white for piping his name and date of the home run on the star candies. The large red star candies were for his name; the small star candies for the date of the home run. Home run was spelled out using royal blue candy melts (only the number mold is shown on the site, but they have an alphabet mold also).


Finally, I added turtle crunch sprinkles around the base of the cake on the grass to simulate dirt. It’s been my go-to for sports cakes that require dirt, but I fear the product has been discontinued. It’s no longer on the Wilton site, and every place that does show it says it’s out of stock with no anticipated available date. Guess I’ll have to buy Heath bars or Butterfingers and pulse them in the blender if I need “dirt”. *sigh*


Turtle Crunch sprinkles – the perfect “dirt”

Congrats on your home run, Jake — and welcome to the cake club!



Home Run Cake for Brett

Baking Date: May 10, 2014

As is my custom for the kids on my oldest son’s baseball team, I make a home run cake when they hit one. Recently, there were four hit in less than a week — and one of them was a grand slam.

I am now finally caught up on all the cakes, after a business trip (work continues to get in the way of all my baking — sheez!). This last cake was for a first time home run hitter.

He asked for vanilla cake. I frosted it with vanilla frosting, added the seams of the baseball with red sparkle gel frosting, and the word home run and the date he hit it in blue sparkle gel frosting. His name is made from red star-shaped candy melts, with his name written on in white sparkle gel frosting. The grass is vanilla frosting dyed green, using a Wilton Tip #233 to pipe it around the base of the baseball.

Brett's Home Run Cake

Brett’s Home Run Cake

His mom said he was so excited about getting the cake. And I think his smile says it all:

Way to go, Brett!

Welcome to the home run club

Way to go Brett!

More Home Run Cakes!

Baking Date: May 2, 2014

A few weeks ago, my oldest son’s baseball team played a scrimmage against another local team. I was able to be there for the first few innings, but had to leave early to go pick up our other son from his lacrosse practice. I was at the baseball game long enough to see one of the players smoke a line drive home run over the fence.

Each of the coaches turned to me and said “oh, that doesn’t count. This is a scrimmage and it’s a shorter field than ours.”  Puhleez, men. As if a kid who has knocked a ball over the fence cares whether or not it’s a scrimmage or whether the field is shorter than the one they typically play on.

I turned to the kid’s dad and said “what flavor cake?”  His dad said, “I would love chocolate and I’m sure Mickey would be fine with that also.” So chocolate it was.

I left and arrived at my younger son’s practice. While there, I got a text from one of the parents:

And then Nate when yard

And then came this text:

Grand slam

Holy crap, those boys have been eating their Wheaties!

The home run cakes were a single 9″ layer cake in chocolate. They were iced with vanilla frosting, the seams were added on with red sparkle gel frosting, and the grass around the base was made using a Wilton tip #233 with vanilla icing dyed green.  Home run and the date were added using blue sparkle gel frosting. The name is spelled out in red candy melts in the shape of stars with the name piped on with vanilla frosting.

So I made Mickey his cake. He got small stars because the big stars that spell out his name would be too big to fit on the cake. Believe me, I’ve tried it for him with big stars before:

Mickey's chocolate home run cake

Mickey’s chocolate home run cake

And Nate — who also likes chocolate — got this:

Nate's home run cake

Nate’s home run cake

And Owen, who hit the grand slam, got a double 9″ layer cake in golden butter flavor.  I spelled out Grand Slam and his name with the red candy melt stars:

Grand slam for Owen

Grand slam for Owen

I delivered the cakes this weekend, during a doubleheader we had on Sunday. I love bringing joy to these kids:

Check out that smile

Check out that smile

And wouldn’t you know it … another kid hit a home run. Keep those bats hot, boys…and Mrs. Rice will keep the oven cranking out the home run cakes!