Get Well Soon Chocolate Lasagna

Baking date: April 29, 2017

Friends we met through baseball years ago have a daughter who I made Sweet Sixteen cupcakes for last year, a son the same age as our oldest who hit the first grand slam on the travel baseball team, and a youngest son who played baseball with our youngest, before our youngest moved on to lacrosse.

The youngest had to have emergency surgery in April, so a get well treat was in order. After checking with his mom to make sure their were no doctor-ordered dietary restrictions, I opted for a chocolate lasagna.

I used some of the leftover chocolate buttercream frosting from a peanut butter cake I had made the previous week to pipe on the get well message and a border around the top edge.

Here’s the finished product:


And here’s the sweet note I received from him after dropping the dessert off and sending his mom some pictures of him from the basketball team this season to help cheer him up.


Get well soon, Andrew!


Fourth of July Flag Cake

Baking Date: July 3, 2014

My family was having a get together on July 4, and I was asked to bring desserts. I wanted something patriotic, and this picture had popped up in my Facebook feed a few days earlier.

Flag Cake 0


I’ve “liked” The Barefoot Contessa on Facebook, so I see her amazing creations all the time. I figured I could make this, as the recipe looked fairly straightforward.

I prepared the berries.



I made and baked the cake (it took closer to 30 minutes to bake fully).  I made the frosting the night before and found that it was not easy to pipe on after being in the fridge.  In the future, I would make the cake earlier in the day, let it cool, then make the frosting and put it on right away.

So, here’s how mine turned out:

Flag Cake 1In hindsight, I should have made the icing stars bigger, but overall, I think I nailed it:

Flag_Cake_Nailed_It_001Don’t worry — there have been plenty of times I didn’t “nail it”:

Nailed It!

Um…Nailed It?

Here’s hoping you had an amazing Fourth of July with people who are special to you.