Easy Carmelitas

Baking date: October 3, 2018

Each year, as part of Customer Service Appreciation Week, my organization has a number of events in support of the great work our front-line customer service staff do. Last year included a chili cook-off, so that was too much like making dinner and I did not participate. Sort of like how I feel about making dinner at my house every night of the year.

But this year, the category was brownies, or brownie-like bars. I was in. Until I heard they needed three 9″ x 13″ pans of your entry for official “best in show” judging and the “staff favorite” contest. Because three pans of anything like that is a big ask for someone like me who doesn’t get home until 6:00pm and gets up at 5:00am to start her next day,

I almost said no. But I cracked open the Out of the Box Desserts¬†cookbook, and searched for the easiest 9″ x 13″ brownie or brownie-like recipe I could find.¬† The Easiest Carmelitas Ever fit the bill! Baker’s note: be sure you buy the biggest tube of cookie dough.The regular size will not be big enough. and not every store carries the 30 ounce larger size.



A better look at the recipe

The competition included 5 entries, which seems like a pitiful showing when you have over 650 staff on site. But I guess a lot of other people had concerns about making 3 trays of brownies on a work night. This is my entry:

Easy Carmelitas

So, I didn’t win the grand prize in the company bake-off, as judged by an esteemed panel of our executive leadership.

But this girl’s Easy Carmelitas recipe was voted Fan Favorite by all the other staff who sampled the entries in the contest.


I get to keep the trophy until next year, when we have the next contest. For now, it sits on a top shelf in my office for all to see.

Trophy on Shelf